AC Filters for Winter?

AC Filters for Winter?

10th Dec 2017

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Now that the temperatures have dropped here in south Florida, you may be wondering if you still need to change your AC filter as often as you do in the summer.

The short answer is “it depends”.In Broward AC filters are the same for both the air conditioner and the heater.That means even if the AC is off, if the heater is running you are using your filter.If you are running your heater when the temperatures are cool, you still need to change your AC filter on a regular basis.

Many South Florida residents turn their AC fan to the “on” position to keep air circulating, even when the cooling or heating unit is turned off.If you are running the fan, air is passing through your filter.This means you still need to change that filter regularly.

If you are not running your AC andif you are not running your heater andif your fan unit is not operating in the “on” position, then your filter is not is use.This will extend the life of the filter.In these instances, your filter does not need to be changed as often.However, remember that mold can grow on the filter while the unit is not in use unless your filter is treated with an antimicrobial agent like our permanent electrostatic filter.

If your unit has been off for an extended period of time, it is a good idea to replace your AC filter when you turn the unit back on.If you are a seasonal resident and don’t use your unit very often, then you might want to use our Change Pad filter system.It is an economical alternative for units that get little use.

If you have a problem getting the right filter size, don’t worry.Broward, Dade, and Palm Beach county residents can order custom filters from Broward AC Filters.We will make filters that fit and deliver them to your doorstep.

How easy is that?

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